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It is pointless to debate whether the film proposes a plausible interpretation of ancient Rome, or whether in some way it illustrates Petronius: Satyricon does not tell a story in the usual sense of the word. Enraged, the mercenary tries to murder his two companions but is overpowered and killed. Federico Fellini's pap classic has spawned more films than numbers in its title - including Rob Marshall's new musical, Nine. His images are mesmerizing, like the waters of the Styx, and hallucinating like the canvases of Hieronymous Bosch. If a satire of a stagnant and greedy society was ever more potent and cutting than this, I would really like to hear about it!

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Eyes stare into the camera as if to give reference to phantoms from antiquity looking at those presently alive as if to question.

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Juliet of the Spirits

For example, during the banquet of Trimalcione, his sycophants eat, laugh, chant, dance, perform and throw objects on cue. We are presented a vast living fresco of Roman decadence as a metaphor for present society and as an allegorical satire of where we may be trending. Nevertheless, this phase of his career included some postmodernist works of great distinction, especially Interviewand some outstanding television commercials, including one made for Barilla, another for Campari, and three for the Banco di Roma the last films he shot. This is by far not the best film I've ever seen, but it is probably the most important film I've ever seen. Art is humanity, and Satyricon is a waking dream on this topic. This release includes a page booklet and the film's original trailer.

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This Fellini movie was simply astonishing in how much effort and budget was put forth to render something much less viewable than a golf and table tennis marathon. I would try to describe the plot but I really didn't discern any. No bibliography as extensive as Bertozzi, et al. I have watched a lot of television in my lifetime about 35 years worth. Fellini constructs it with fresco-like mastery. His struggle against the Nazis is noble and his motivation is pure.

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