Transgender facts

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Trans people have a gender. Accessed April 18, The transgender community is incredibly diverse. There are lots of myths about being transgender — we clear up the misconceptions and give you the facts about what sex, gender and being transgender means. While working as a mechanic in Bristol, Dillon was put into contact with Dr.

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Transgender people have the same brains we do.

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Transgender 101: Myths. Facts. Truths.

A person's sexual orientation can't be assumed based on gender identity or gender expression. When George Jorgensen returned from a trip to Denmark as Christine Jorgensen, she was met at the airport by inquisitive reporters and photographers. Elizabeth Eden had a part in one of the most successful films of the s. Transgender Myths Transgender people live crazy lives This is probably the most common misconception about trans people. Gillies perform the first male-to-female gender confirmation surgery in Britain on Roberta Cowell in This can be confusing to us who inhabit more traditional gender roles, but to the transgender person, it is not confusing.

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transgender facts
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Born Robert Cowell, Cowell had been married with children, and had lived an exciting life as a fighter pilot and race car driver before coming to grips with the reality of her gender. While the visibility of transgender people is increasing in popular culture and daily life, we still face severe discrimination, stigma and systemic inequality. Coming across a pair of copulating snakes, Tiresias separated the pair with a stick. She competed professionally until However, despite our best efforts, we sometimes miss the mark. National Center for Transgender Equality. You might also like Information.

transgender facts
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