Tips on spotting gay men

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Rather than merely adoring how cute Mr. Skip to content The Soulmates Blog. Having fixed ideas of what you want — which usually boil down to looks and little else — could be standing in your way of meeting some great guys. As soon as we put a finger in one hole another one opens up. The problem with that is that the gaydars of straight people is largely dependent on gay stereotypes.

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Gay men have been shown to have similar index and ring finger lengths.

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JUST FOR FUN: Top 10 Tips For Spotting Gay Guys

After a few minutes, you'll get quieter, more introspective and less likely to smile or laugh. Spare us your sanctimony, your grace. Long story, keep reading. This is fine — nothing wrong with a one-night-stand — as long as he realises that too. Lol, I just always figured when a guy does a double take and gives me a certain look kind of like how I look at an attractive girl that he is gay. Skip to content The Soulmates Blog. Perhaps men who are dealing with same sex attraction who are not openly gay do this.

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tips on spotting gay men
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We can be a very picky bunch. Well it is nothing to be ashamed of and one can assert themselves and address the issue. Guyliner shares his top 10 gay dating tips to help you bag a great date. Is that your spirit lifting or are you just happy to see me? Words lie, bodies don't.

tips on spotting gay men
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