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Perfect example, I've sat in on a conference with several male and female coworkers, only to see another "pretty boy" that obviously felt threatened sitting next to me with all body language faced outward, as to be the highest standing flower in a garden, waiting for a sprinkle of water. Everyone would say oh that's great for when your older you will look young. But I am not a guy who goes the extra mile to be pampered or flaunt my looks on a daily basis. I get stares all the time and most people just don't want to be around me but it's sad. I know some might think your article is some way of shining light on oneself, but personally I see it as a very honest evaluation of your interactions with others. Next thing I knew some crazy lady I've never met before was screaming at me from her car as I was walking home from school.

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Another reason why some woman will hate you after they show interest in the beginning,because some girl will assume themselves are attractive and try to approach you or expect you to treat them differently like all the other guys do.

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Mind you, I'm not gay the biggest crushes in my life so far and right now are females. Its disgusting and makes no sense that people would put so much time and energy into a person's looks. I now only go climbing every day, unemployed at the moment, and on that journey I maybe get one or two comments that are nasty and horrible. By placing a bid, you're committing to buy this item if you win. Really the fact is most of the people with this issue have a lot of capital but they can hardly spend it as they are getting attacked all the time. I know there are many exceptions, such as you and the people who commented here but the opposite usually is true Hate to break it like that.

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At first it was flattering but after sometime it became annoying. LOL When other good-looking women see another good looking woman with a short, fat, physically unattractive man they mentally, subconsciously begin to think: I think as long as you care about another person and put them above yourself and are honest and know when to back off, you will find many friends. So what I like to smell good. But when it comes to the everyday guy that they see, it can be different for some women out there.

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