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Mike, try having some form of understanding, for the article you are commenting on, before commenting. Michelle, a bartender and the owner's partner, got drunk one day and shaved her head, mids photo courtesy of Josie Carter, via Jamie Taylor. Out LookPolitics. The true appeal of Kruz is outside. People were now going wherever they wanted to, whenever they wanted to. MGGB had become the status quo. It was a small and fairly plain bar, if my alcohol-addled memory serves.

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Long-standing friendships, and other memorable connections, were born on these outrageous nights out.

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Milwaukee Gay Volleyball Association | For Everyone Who Wants To Play

I was also one of the early members of the Politburo and I only have fond memories of our takeovers and plotting sessions. These watering holes existed as one of the few public places in an otherwise harsh world where gay and straight people alike could, simply stated, be themselves. December 28, at 8: Many members left Milwaukee; others just settled down and left nightlife. Almost everyone seemed to know everyone.

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milwaukee gay club
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We were more concerned about running out of manpower. People were now going wherever they wanted to, whenever they wanted to. Friday was no different, as the bar was hosting a drag show. You sound like a complete idiot!!! With so many bars coming and going, it seemed we would never run out of takeover targets. Gay Bars Trivago ranked Milwaukee as one of the top 10 "Under the Gaydar Cities"and gay travelers are frequently surprised by all that the city has to offer. Now I was the least attractive Tyler, and by quite a wide margin.

milwaukee gay club
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