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Biographers claim he has also fathered at least four children that have been aborted, and another who was given up for adoption in Right now I'm in love with you baby This woman don't think you can do no wrong But I only think it's fair to warn you. Comically averted in, of all places, Lord Byron 's poem Don Juan. His Alternate Continuity counterpart in Part 7 has the same influence, sometimes to his detriment. So much so that later in life he actually felt bad that people would give his old friend Henry Fonda a hard time about his multiple failed marriages while no one ever brought up Stewart's own less than saintly track record. Fictional comedian Monti Tree from My Screwups fit this trope to a T, losing his virginity at 13, to bedding supermodels well into adulthood. However, although he did not plan for it, he ended up married to Asuka, Rei and Misato.

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Stefan from the the film Letter from an Unknown Woman is a classical pianist and is Tall, Dark, and Handsometherefore, women catnip.

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Nevertheless it is possible that this trait was exaggerated due to influence from the Romans or from Christian scribes who didn't mind accuracy when transcribing second-hand information about Pagan deities. While he stands out, he is hardly the only Abductee who is highly successful in bed, either - which is rather ominous given that the Aliens and Linda Walkerton apparently meant to breed the Abductees to make the next generation of their Super Soldier army. However, he willingly lets her go off to get married and they both go their separate ways as friends. In The Truth Behind the Friendship Harry mentioned that Sirius slept with twenty-two girls at Hogwarts in an attempt to beat an unnamed Ravenclaw's record of thirty-seven. Take the phone book and just cross off the name of every girl you haven't been with.

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Either way the answer is about half the time. Of course, this may have had to do with him being the King of Gods and having the power that implies. His skill at seduction — both literal and figurative — probably helped France more quickly establish the alliance she desired with the fledgling US during the American Revolution. My Goddesswho is explicitly referred to as a "casanova. See More Friends, More Benefits for when the mechanics of a game encourage the player character to act this way. And so you should. Jimmy Snowman in Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood, is this and also a harbors a years-long romantic obsession with the same girl then woman as his sociopathic genius best friend, which leads to trouble.

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