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By contrast, heterosexual men rated the year old female faces the most attractive about 5with the and year old female faces rated lower between 2 and 3 and the year old female faces rated the least attractive about 1. Sexual preference. There was a large difference between the proportion of prevalences of heterosexual vs. Listen to America. First, we need to clarify our definitions. To understand the facts, it is important to examine the results of scientific research. At first I was surprised to hear some of my most educated, liberal friends ask questions that were, to me, biased and misinformed.

gay versus straight sex offenders
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Over the years, this fact has been incorporated into various systems for categorizing child molesters.

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GPS units, parole visits, and yearly registration serve as constant reminders of their crimes, their victims, and their newfound labels as deviants with no hope of recovery. There is no reason to believe so. Consistent with these findings, Gallup polls have found that an increasing number of Americans would allow gay people to be elementary school teachers. In either case, it appears that none of the pictures was rated as "very sexually attractive" a rating of 7.

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What offenders tell us.

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