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Monkey see Monkey do. Huge thanks to everyone for the support today. Car crashes Teenage newlyweds expecting first child were killed in A40 police chase smash Patrick and Shauna McDonagh were both reportedly fleeing the scene of an aggravated burglary in Harrow, north London on Sunday. If we fire teachers for being gay it would be the same type of discrimination we were dealing with in the Civil Rights-era. The LGBT only became a powerful lobby during the past five years.

Should schools use metal detectors to help protect their pupils?

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Mob of 100 parents gather outside school to protest against gay teacher

I am straight so I will never fully understand your position but I fully support everyone with the will to be themselves. You can read more about it and change your preferences here. Please help us make a difference to what children are being taught. The LGBT only became a powerful lobby during the past five years. As Michael did, best to acknowledge and move down the road. Topics pagechildrenEnglandgayhomophobicLondonmichael neriparentperforming artsstudentsteacherTheatre. Feminism is just another way to control the male population.

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Also, I thought gay meant happy--the correct term is homosexual. Never have I felt so passionately about nooutsiders as I did today. It doesnt affect schooling for children so what does it matter! Would you fire a pedophile? Login Don't have an account?