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Embarrassed, I tried covering it up. Afterwards, we showered together, toweled each other off, and then kissed. His right hand was between my legs playing with my ass as he licked my balls and cock. My dad was still in the kitchen, when he told me to wake up Eric, I said that Ian had stayed over, and my dad went up to get his boxers on. It was ticklish and warm on my smooth, recently shaved balls and perineum, and made me feel vaguely uncomfortable, like I was wetting myself.

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He turned to look at my brother and my brother smiled, and said, "Man, I guess you don't need me anymore" joking while he said it.

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Sibling Sodomy Brothers push each other to gay incest. At a distance I could hear my brother walking back to his room. Eric looked down at my dick, and grabbed it, he started sucking my dick by first playfuly sucking the tip of my cock.

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