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I have this album, and I may just be stupid, but I can't find it anywhere. I think Progressive metal is a suitable genre. I am not sure, it is possible that the songs that he contributes to live, he also plays in studio. The poem is not in the jacket of the album, at least not mine. What does "still you feed us lies from the tableclot" mean? Saturday, 25 April Armenia:

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SOAD has an unique genre, and that's it.

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Rob Halford Says Metal Community Making ‘Slow Progressions of Acceptance’ for Gay People

Please do if it is. Since this is only a poll, I am staying out of this and not voting, as to not spoil the process. Real Christians would be tolerant of differences no matter what the bible says about gay people, and you would not believe the lies used to justify wars by our government "God is on our side" "God bles America". Each of the members have their beliefs, or lack thereof, and I enjoy the effect that has on their music. Could someone delete it from the list and change the information for it to say that it is not a single? System's self-titled debut only reached No. Plus, if they're going on hiatus, it's doubtful that they would make it a single.

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This site is for information in encyclopedia form, not some sort of revolution on the music world you want to start. Can anyone tell me if this is true, or where it is? To pre-order a copy of the album, click here. They're real tracks, I think. I don't think they have ever said what they "subscribe" to, but I can imagine what they would say if asked the question. This religious influence comes through in several of their songs, but they aren't any particular religion as a band. This is why the horrifying massacres committed upon the Turks, Kurds and other Ottoman Muslims by Armenians have seldom been heard.

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