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Jez is implied to be bisexual a few times throughout the series. Sean Maguire Cristian de la Fuente. Boy Meets Girl After this she started dating Jaysene. He was the first gay principal television character played by an openly gay actor. Brian Posehn Steve Agee.

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David Marshall Grant Peter Frechette.

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When I first saw "Pocahontas," I fell in love. Terrence is an intern who in season 2 is promoted to Associate Co-head of the Animation and Historical Adaptation Department. Your account is not active. I think it was Goliath. Denise was bisexual, acknowledging having had sex with several people of both sexes. Vince is Will's partner. Uniformed Police Officer Rick Silardi is openly gay, but seems to spend most of his time fending off the affections of his straight female police partner, Officer Mo DeMott Sydney Walshwho wants to "save him" from being gay by making passes at him whenever possible.

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Li Shang from "Mulan". And she didn't beg for attention like Harley Quinn. It's difficult to say why, but there it is. Emma is Bisexual and admitted to having a few romantic and sexual relationships with women in the past. Fred Savage Billy Eichner. Although Scar was decidedly not Kovu's father, the ensuing forbidden romance between Kovu and Simba's daughter could not have better crystallized the meaning of sexual tension for me and a generation of pubescents.

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