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I got rid of that mushy pos factory shifter and installed a Hurst shifter I'm not saying it's percent cured but it is a hell of alot better. Using a large screwdriver or similar tool we want to pry open the plate from the case using the pry spots. It's a MN Sold in Quantity:. I was in the process of positioning the TR transmission in the swap I'm doing and things just weren't lining up. I was having alot of issues with miss ed shifts into third. Using a hand ratchet and socket, start to slowly remove it and after a while it should slide off freely.

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This will insure the proper fit of the parts.

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Received 1 Like on 1 Post. A little extra care can save some serious strings of foul language later. Worn blocker rings with paper like linings, these were replaced.

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Measurements will be needed and I'll be needing sample parts such as bell housings, clutch mechanisms etc as well as some good advice.