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In their shadow report for the th Session of the Human Rights Committee, Macedonian organizations reported the serious and ongoing violations of the Covenant rights of LGBTI individuals with respect to hate crimes and hate speech, protection from discrimination in relation to healthcare, education, failure to include sexual orientation and gender identity in laws prohibiting discrimination, failure to prosecute, punish, remedy and condemn crimes against LGBTI individuals and organizations etc. None of the parties showed any interest on replying. Missing non binary options on documents. Cyber-bullying was also of particular concern, given that social media is used widely by LGBTIQ people to meet and share information about who they are. Constitutional amendments banning civil unions or same-sex marriages around the world. Subversive Front Association for Critical Approach of Gender and Equality — was founded in June and aims to offer a more critical approach to gender, sexuality etc as opposed to previous uncritical, blind reliance on existing traditional norms. Not even in 5 minutes on TV.

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Age, gender and diversity / Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI)

LGBTI organizations in Macedonia have monitored elections and positions of political parties extensively in the last years. Age of Consent Age of Consent in Macedonia is and it is the same for opposite as well as same sex sexual acts. The same formulation is found in many other legal documents in Macedonia. Archives 5 February 1 January 4 21 16 33 47 62 67 56 64 84 4. In the beginning of however, while revising the anti-discrimination law, the country's parliament removed sexual orientation from the list of protected grounds.

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Retrieved 2 March Jan 1, —Sep 5, Macedonia is one of the few countries of the ERA region, along with Albania and Macedonia not to have any procedures in place for legal change of name or documents. Inthe Coalition on Sexual and Health Rights documented three cases in the access to banking services and health care services based on gender identity. Legal status of conducting sexual orientation changing therapy "ex-gay" therapy. The gay scene in Macedonia is very small.

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