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MS13 News and Profile. The two gang members are homosexual and therefore their deaths are inevitable. Not less than one department of the gang, situated in El Salvador, reportedly kills members discovered to be homosexual. Everything had already been said, seen, and heard. If found by other MS13 members, he would be killed.

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It is also deeply misogynistic, macho and homophobic.

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The El Salvador Gang That Kills Its Gay Members

It was this behavior that led to their death sentence. The food was so bad that many inmates suffered from digestive problems. This detention center, which only holds MS13 minors, is divided into two sections: Weekend and Smoker pounced on El Vago, kicking and punching him in the stomach and back while he did his best to protect his face and genitals. It was never made public that the two gang members had broken one of the principal rules of the gang by spending time together, by going to the bathroom together, by liking each other.

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There is no direct contact between those who have been sentenced and those awaiting trial. The gang members know what they have to do. The idea was to hang them in order to mislead the guards. It was this behavior that led to their death sentence. Drew Barrymore — She had relationships with women in her past that she revealed later. The group of youths who met that afternoon fell into the latter category.

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