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Draco shut his eyes, it felt weird kissing a guy, but it was better then kissing that awful Pansy Parkinson. DMHP When homosexuality was decriminalized in Vernon practically had a heart attack, but Harry was very happy about it. He's a faggot, pet. He dropped his bag on the ground and shifted away his robe as he undid the zipper on his trousers. Apparently, Professor Flitwick was a half-wit. Draco tapped his wand on Harry's head and muttered the charm vehemently.

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Draco heaved a sigh, placing a hand on his bare chest.

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His eyes closed, and he leant back into the seat. Draco was a rather handsome man. Can't say I blame him… During dinner, Draco had to try quite hard to stop from staring at Harry. He shoved Draco back, causing the latter to stumble into the chair awkwardly. Draco smirked and nodded, he jumped as Harry grabbed Draco's arse and squeezed it. Draco took a deep breath to stop from casting a Cruciatus Curse on Harry.

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Harry groaned and rolled from his seat, before making his way to the fighting boys. He stalked to the sinks and ran the water, hoping to drag the two out of it. Where was the publicity and outrage? Draco gagged, moving to the door. Draco gasped at the feeling, it felt amazing, and it felt even more amazing when Harry slid his fingers in. And I could sneak inside and lock him out.

gay harry potter anime
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