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Oh, you're such a good cock sucker," Bill said, sniggering. During the procedure, Joe could not stop squirming and gasping. Despite the aphrodisiac that kept getting his dick hard, Joe did realize that he enjoyed being used by a man. The creamy piss slit slightly gaped open before streams of cum suddenly gushed out. As the room came back into focus, he felt a haziness beginning to spread throughout his body. He did get pleasure from seeing Joe beg for sexual release. Be the first to add this to a list.

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While he experienced another wave of dry orgasm, he blacked out. A minute later, the gay doctor stood in front of Joe without any thread on his body. Force sex changes my life: It proves that even cold weather is not an obstacle to get a hard on," Bill said, looking quite impressed. That means I can't cum anymore.

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All muscles in his body were sore from over-flexing. But I hardly have any more cum! However, at the same time, his mind was getting messed up by the torturous lust. No wonder the women like to be fucked by him. As Bill's fingers entered Joe's slightly parted mouth, the jock unwillingly tasted his own cum.

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