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But what Pedro says is true, you are welcomed, and what happens is that everyone ends up hanging out at the same bars and clubs. View Nightlife in Belize. And I don't understand why you refer to the U. Switch to Threaded Mode. We are changing those as well and the most out spoken is our Prime Ministers wife and corresponding agencies. About Us Help Center. Load More… Follow on Instagram.

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No more harrassment or stupid jokes and comments about gay people in Belize than you would find in any large US city.

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Gay Belize

Yet everyone in the media seems to forget about that. Load More… Follow on Instagram. Since there are many tourists roaming around, these places start to become locations for gay couples, tourists and locals, to visit for dates. This is the first interview with a local we have conducted. Yes and I will direct someone who can better answer to this site. I'll have to consult with my horror-scope and get back to you on that one. While the laws may technically be on the books, I know of no one who has been effected.

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They are not supposed to discriminate against anyone for any reason. English is the official languagebut many people speak the Mayan, Garifuna, or Spanish tongue. The older generation still have their ideologies regarding sexuality, but some of the old folks are starting to change their views. Post navigation Previous Cozumel Travel Guide: Wix, the original poster who asked the question is from S Florida and I replied to both your comments, as well as openly discussing our laws baring oral and anal sex between both hetero and homosexuals. Feb 15th, As references, they are chronicles of error, and therefore automatically disqualify themselves -- because they assume that usage is the ultimate arbiter of meaning.

gay bar belize
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