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Emma has written a wonderful book about music and life -her travels and struggles written on the cycle of keys are enharmonically mapped across the landscapes, geographical and emotional through which she pedals. Not so long ago I've been to his Eddie's presentation of his latest book - Danger Music. Then I slipped to a new level and the smallest annoyance became too much to deal with. It was wonderful to listen to this open discussion. She meets an amazing range of people

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In most places, music transcends many barriers, and in some cases even international borders.

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Emma Ayres

Turns out that even if you don't speak the same language you can indicate your desire for a bit of Brahms with your lunch fairly easily. Seven years was consistently the time limit, straight from one deeply loved woman to the next. The potential is in Emma's life: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Some memories are more positive than others and, if cycling provides a means of escape and enabling a buffer of distance from the past, then cycling 16, kilometres mostly alone provides an opportunity for a very considered introspective analysis.

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I needed somewhere new. I got a bit lost with the descriptions of all the notes and compositions and the chronology was confusing in places, but was fascinated by the stories behind each piec Even though i know nothing about classical music and even less of Emma Ayres and her radio show, i really enjoyed this book. I wanted to like this book, and am sure that my Book Discussion group members will disagree with me, nevertheless I did not get into it. Jul 08, Julie Garner rated it really liked it Shelves: Emma Ayres's recent blog posts Can you name a female composer?

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