Debates against gay marriage

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Thank you to those at the GMUSA facebook page who have regularly shared their views on this topic and who have, in that regard, helped contribute to the ideas and arguments expressed in this article. The Christian Right would deny same-sex couples the ability to adopt or raise children, but that's an impossible goal. If cultural, social, and political forces were on their side, this wouldn't be necessary. Real News. Share Flipboard Email. Yet, it's not demonstrable that gay marriage is harmful. All of these have been opposed by the same religious and political forces which currently oppose gay marriage.

debates against gay marriage
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On the contrary, there are good reasons to think that legalized gay marriage can benefit us all. Opponents argue that marriage has always been between a man and a woman and that it should stay that way. The natural world didn't create marriage, humans did. Ensuring that gay relationships are stable and receive support will benefit the stability of society overall.

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If marriage was so "sacred" they'd also be pursuing the outlawing of heterosexual divorce.

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