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The singer became angry after he was questioned over the assault during a live interview. People kill me homie!!! I talk to u the way i want to ma nigga, i sell out shows u still a nobody except for writing songs for major celebs thats all. This isn't the first gay rumor about Chris Brown and his career hasn't been that long. With that said, the screenshots are unverified at this point, so just keep that in mind, I suppose. And even aside from his face not being all that nor is his "body".

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Apparently Chris Brown was invovled with a man named "Jordan" who was apparently always around Brown he was in the "Kiss Kiss" video, and numerous performances This "gay lover" took to youtube also with his claims.

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Some parts may be fabricated but I can't believe he is willing to risk his peace of mind, lawsuits, and being blacklisted from people for it all to be considered a lie. Reply Thread Link. Just watch. Oct 9, 7.

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I think people should listen to the interview before making judgments.

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