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Thinner and a much more flattering hairstyle. In soaps, people come back from the dead all the time, to the point where death is just a bus stop Eating foods high in fat and sugar makes you more likely to die of SEPSIS George Clooney claims his friend Meghan is being 'pursued and vilified' as he compares her struggles to The pair - pictured here at the soaps 20th anniversary bash in at Century City. It is a terrible awful place to visit for an hour a day.

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I'd shout it from the rooftops!

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General Hospital's Anthony Geary films his final scenes after 37 years

Scroll down for video. Tony Geary claims on Oprah he had an affair with Liz Taylor? But has he come out or actually been caught with his hand on another man? By we, I mean the entire school," he shares. It will be a cold day before they take days away from the over played Mobsters. If I did what I did in Coalville, today, I'd be in a penitentiary. Taylor is fabulous but she was an ennabler of Michael Jackson's-wouldn't be surprised if she agreed to play along with Geary on this one, too.

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Gloria Bunker-Stivic Philip Carey Executive producer Frank added: Tommy Kelsey Billy Halop Vanessa Marcil, for as long as she wants to stay. He was very good friends with Kin Shriner as well. Yes - that was an actual tweet from him. Tony said that he is vastly older than Laura, so no, they never dated.

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