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Despite bullying Kurt, he kisses him, revealing his sexual orientation. He also calls Johnathon Lenk "the cutest" at one point. Prior to capture, her wife Sylvia and son were able to escape to Canada. Sydney Katz and they kiss and have sex. Though only showing attraction to and having relationships with male characters in the first 3 seasons, she begins dating Tara Maclay in season 4. Jimmy was the gay lover of Eric Slater Eric is bisexual. Crickett came out to everyone just as she was about to renew her vows with Stanley Watts.

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There is love between these two men, and confusion between these two men.

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In Season 4 she faces the difficult choice to either lose everything or marry a man, and she chooses not to marry someone she could never feel attraction towards. They briefly date again before Greer ends up moving. After this she started dating Jaysene. Villanelle is a psychopathic assassin. He's seen making references to liking both male and female characters in the first and only season of the show, as shown in an episode where he tells a male performance evaluation board member that he could possibly be "the one", and another when he's talking to Dorian and John about talking to women in the dance club. He had a relationship with a man and a woman. Lesbian, lover of Sloane.

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Struggles with her sexuality throughout season one before eventually entering and later marrying a relationship with friend, Ashley. Generally speaking, the lower the budget, the more likely the actors are to be gay and out. She accepts Lister's proposal to live together as partners, followed by a Church blessing in which she becomes her "wife". Why Lexa's sexuality matters — and why it doesn't". The Tracey Ullman Show. Harry Enfield's Television Programme. In Season 5, episode 12, Piper asks Alex to marry her and Alex accepts.

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