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It broke my heart to see her sobbing. So now, nobody has to be all strange about it. Only now I know the limitations of such insanities. For the next six months we did everything together. Therapists also gave patients drugs that induced vomiting or paralysis, or exposed them to noxious chemicals like ammonia, whenever they were aroused by same-sex photos. Who doesn't like what feels like a conquest?

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As he did, he felt an intense sexual longing.

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“When a Gay Boy Falls in Love with a Girl”

With the statement that sexuality exists along a continuum rather than a zero or a six, heterosexual or homosexual, I do believe sexuality is a fluid thing. Although openness to sexuality depends very much on your social conditioning, religion and political views, in the absence of these factors, it would be interesting to see what instinct dictates. I watched her all the time, looking for a way to approach her. Now it's out there. SOCE advocates have done studies in recent years to try and show that their efforts are working. Of the 61 who provided data in all six years, 14 of them—23 percent—reported that they had successfully converted to heterosexuality "in some form or another," according to Jones.

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Having sexual gratification without constantly seeking out a new sexual partner gives you the space to reflect on your own sexuality. That the idea of homosexuality was simply wrong. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. The question gets at the heart of a psychologist's true job. At the same time though, if that person began to have feelings for someone outside of their professed gender or sexuality, that sets them up for a pretty hard time trying to work through those feelings. Do not say another word to her.

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