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I saw a guy chasing another guy like hell. All of us here can feel what you had to undergo. No connection to police or LGBT. That new guy followed him and sat near him. Posted On May 5, -

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He can be reached at rmarr metroweekly.

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My mom and bro In ghatkkopar stn again 4. He is horribly suicidal. Recently my friend was extorted in the same way at thiruvanmiyur bus depo. I said okay i can drop him till the hosp. I saw this well built guy was talking to someone over the phone sitting on his bike. I had to call my bro to come with money and I told him i need to give to a friend and my atm card wasn't working. He took me to dark place and asked me why are u doing all this what u get by doing this

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Trisulam station was becoming a happening place because of orkut posts. And i too looked him. Several times I have advised not to do so. My friend asked him why is is continuously being followed. The locked room at the Pleasure Emporium was, in fact, a "private space," and the men should not have been charged for exposing their genitals "in public. But I ignored him. He went there and asked me to come

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