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Concluding his talk, Warren pointed to Ephesians chapter five, where marriage is described as a reflection of Christ's love for the Church. It should lead the crowd, not follow it, he insisted. Truth is truth," he added. The gathering was organized by Matthew Vines, who by then was enjoying modest fame for a YouTube video in which Vines, looking even younger than his 21 years, delivers an hour-long lecture arguing that the Bible does not, in fact, condemn all same-sex relationships. We must be Spirit-led, purpose-driven and mission-focused, so that we cannot be bought, we will not be compromised, we shall not quit until we finish the race. What I'm saying is it isn't necessary to be on the side of culture — it's not even necessary to be on the right side of history, it's just important to be on the right side. It is expected to clarify the Vatican's stance on some of the issues that came out of the recent Synod on the Family, which caused some speculation that the Catholic Church was softening its approach to homosexuality and divorce.

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Over the past decade, evangelical support for gay marriage has more than doubled, according to polling by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute.

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Rick Warren

It's denounced as an enemy of women He therefore stressed the importance of following Jesus' teaching on marriage, rather than bowing to "fads, feelings, opinions or political correctness". And gay student organizations have recently formed at Christian colleges across the country, including flagship evangelical campuses such as Wheaton College in Illinois and Baylor in Texas. To redefine marriage would destroy the picture that God intends for marriage to portray, and we cannot cave on this issue. To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. It's a picture of Christ and his Church.

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rick warren on gays
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After endorsing a gay marriage ban passed in California inRev. These attackers are not the enemy, they are the mission field — they are people that Jesus shed his precious blood for," he said. Gay marriage is legal in 19 states plus the District of Columbia, and all major public opinion surveys now show a majority of Americans are in favor of it. Now, Christian political groups, including Focus on the Family and the National Association of Evangelicals, have virtually stopped campaigning on the issue, shifting their focus to legal efforts to shield religious business owners from having to cater to gay weddings. But last summer, without telling her husband and two kids exactly what she was doing, she boarded a plane for a conference in Kansas whose purpose many evangelicals would plainly consider heretical. What Michael Green taught me about back-pocket evangelism.

rick warren on gays
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