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More in Sponsored MyLife: Life feels overwhelming. I wept. You want a rainbow T-shirt? Even the conveniences that help today's single-parent and two-earner households function — such as prepared foods and cleaning services — reduce family members' dependence on one another, making the parent-child bond more emotional than immutable.

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This past weekend, Cecile was induced, following a worrying spike in her blood pressure.

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In the meantime, please feel free to search for ways to make a difference in your community at www. But in addition to the costs of IVF, they also had to cover all the expenses associated with Cecile carrying and birthing the baby; if she were giving birth to her own child, rather than her grandchild, insurance would have kicked in for some of those expenses. I also suspect that it is not limited to youth. Please choose a screen name.

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Our culture prizes individual fulfillment, with couples uniting and splitting based on their emotional needs rather than a sense of tradition or duty.

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