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Because kids are kids. Thus I would be disappointed if discussions about a project on violence should be reduced to discussions around homosexuality. The chuch is by no means "pro-bullying" but is very uncomfortable with an issue for which it knows it does not yet have a "unifying" answer. The 'young boys' you mention would, in many if not most cases, be considered over the age of consent in Australia and most of Western Europe. Eventually all of our children are going to grow up and have to face society on their own, so besides trying to discipline kids for harrassing each other, and rather than sheltering them, we should be teaching them how to deal with harrassment in a mature, intelligent way…not just to avoid it, but to be strong under criticism and learn how to be positive and not get their feelings hurt.

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There were a number of ways to refer to same-sex activity in Greek — ranging from crude to literary — yet Paul avoids all that language.

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Abuse is a Challenge for the Adventist Church; New Campaign is Launched to Counter It

A year-old Fifth Grade teacher in an Adventist elementary school in St. The only time that the usual language 'lay with', 'uncover teh nakedness of' is used for any same-sex activity is father-son incest. Yes, we should teach all children why bullying is wrong; but small children have not yet developed the maturity to fully understand why. Last week a year-old man in Berrien County, Michigan, was sentenced to 15 years in prison after he pled guilty to sex crimes against a nine-year-old girl which occurred at the Niles Westside Seventh-day Adventist Church. It comes back to our overwhelming concern an issue that trumps all others of a defined "unity" or better and safer yet, uniformity. Have you checked on teh forum site recently? Thus it is good to hear the topic is being recognized; hopefully not with witch hunts and finger pointing, as our sinful nature will always have more fingers point back at us, but with true positvie educational measures.

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I am sure Paul — like everyone in Greco-Roman society — knew about men who has sex with other men, with teenage boys, with little boys, with slave boys, with call boys, and no doubt other variations, but I am not sure he would equate any of his categories with modern homosexuality. The anecdotal evidence reported here is just the tip of the iceberg — and from the raw figures I question the blissful assumption, "the number of cases has not reached the crisis level that it has in some denominations" — it is a misleading statement, when you are "middle of the road" at best. Sorry for the harsh "tone" above. And it seems arsenokoitai was used in its verbal form with women as object. In the Greek case, they were considered adults, not children, and were the sons of citizens, not slaves.

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