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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In April she had a nervous breakdown and was placed in a sanitarium. Social attitudes Prejudice Violence. No pill could stop Judy's pain! Many used pseudonyms and "Judy Garland" was among the most popular. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

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She was married five times, four marriages ending in divorce.

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Rufus Wainwright On What Makes Judy Garland a Gay Icon

They were more preoccupied with where they were going to sleep and where their next meal would come from. How has the Judy Garland program changed for you now after ten years? She has the power that homosexuals would like to have, and they attempt to attain it by idolizing her. Other connections between Garland and LGBT people include the slang term " Friend of Dorothy ", which likely derives from Garland's portrayal of Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz and became a code phrase gay people used to identify each other. She's been through the fire and lived — all the drinking and divorcing, all the pills and all the men, all the poundage come and gone — brothers and sisters, she knows. In April she had a nervous breakdown and was placed in a sanitarium. I never understood it.

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They are a persecuted group and they understand suffering. There was certainly an awareness and appreciation of Garland among Stonewall Inn patrons. As a year-old cross-dresser was being led into the paddy wagon and got a shove from a cop, she fought back. Young gay men embraced their sexual orientation with pride rather than shame, and could or would not identify with Garland's melodramatic victimhood and emotionalism. The modern LGBT Rights movement arguably began 47 years ago—in part, some would say, as a response to the death of singular gay icon Judy Garland around the time of the Stonewall riots. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Her personal life was troubled with drugs and alcohol.

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