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Somebody buy a cunt. R61, what do you have against gay people enjoying the idea that everyone is gay? Some of those men are still serving as public officials, so obviously their candid confessions haven't hindered their careers. Maybe their marriage was a mutual bearding situation? That determines whether you're gay, straight, or bisexual -- not how many times you have intercourse with someone of a particular sex. I have had sex with women. I just looked at the CNN front page and there's nothing about it.

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I admired you as Mork's son on 'Mork and Mindy'.

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Movie Review: Outrage - WBOC-TV 16, Delmarvas News Leader, FOX 21 -

Call it self-hatred, internalized homophobia, or being a gay Uncle Tom, but there are actually gay politicians who vote to deny rights to other gay people. Loved him on the Dean Martin Shows. I have had sex with women. R74, I love that scene. I AM someone who knew Dom socially. Funny that our straight xchick contingent is so threatened by the idea he might have been gay. I'm Italian, and when I first started cooking meals on my own for my family, and someone gave me a copy of his cookbook.

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is dom deluise gay
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But why has there been no talk of Dom DeLuise being gay until his death? Craig denied any wrongdoing and in an interview with Matt Lauer denied being gay. PEJ measures the topics that are of most interest to bloggers by compiling the quantitative information on links and analyzing the results. Lately, obituaries of celebrities like Dom DeLuise and Merv Griffin have made notes of their homosexuality. PEJ aims to find out what subjects in the national news the online sites focus on, and how that compared with the narrative in the traditional press. The expansion of online blogs and other social media sites has allowed news-consumers and others outside the mainstream press to have more of a role in agenda setting, dissemination and interpretation.

is dom deluise gay
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