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I have read this entry numerous times. RevolucionTijuanaMexico. Random Popularity Last Updated. Between Ranchero and Garcia. It is a block of innerestin' gay bars.

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Some will take up to six to eight weeks to get rid of.

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Gay Tijuana Mexico - Tijuana Forum

It is a block of innerestin' gay bars. Drag your ass outta bed, take a shower and head down to the Plaza for breakfast. Trust me, even if you look like Ernest Borgnine, you will get some action here. Once on the other side, it takes fifteen minutes to walk to Revolution Avenue. Americans are so fucking paranoid and defensive. They have the obligatory drag show at midnight, so expect everything to grind to a halt at these untalented escapades.

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Yes, Virginia, you're right. Motel Diaz is on Revolucion, just north of the Arch. After you slopped down some grub, here's what your gonna do. A modern, festive gay dance club that is very popular with both Mexicans and Americans. Ah, the smell of coffee and refried beans. Another boogie down disco across the way from the Jai Alai Stadium.

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