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Just In All Stories: He picked up his bags and took a deep breath before carrying them downstairs to where the others were waiting for him. I've only ever found one other RobinxCyborg slash fic on here; it's called Learn by Icarus Was Pushed — it's six lines long and very good, although very stylized. And then, just as he had heatedly demanded a rematch, they had been summoned by the Master of Games to here ; an alternate dimension, presumably. Keep me logged in on this device. Robin felt like he had been struck by lightning as he stood in the center of the room.

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The boys were joking and laughing with each other, their eyes widening in surprise when they saw him.

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Robin smiled and accepted the ice cream. And several-time winner, at that — Cyborg sometimes got the feeling that the brain was shutting down under that shining crown of spiky jet black hair. Starfire's skin glowed with an unearthly golden tan; it was beautiful, and it suited her very much, but it wasn't normal in Cyborg's books. He tugged his uniform off and threw it onto a pile on the floor before dressing in his civvies: I wanna check on BB, and I'm also sure the girls will be worried about us.

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Your review has been posted. Cyborg turned around and pulled up a file on the large monitor. One hundred per cent human. He idly watched Cyborg attempt to make a call to Titans Tower one more time for a while, and then finally his eyes slid closed against his will and before long he was asleep once again. Robin squirmed again; he was a light sleeper, and could feel the touches, even if he could not comprehend them.

gay robin and cyborg
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