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Enter email to start trial We respect your privacy. I want you to stay back after practice today…we need to have a serious talk. While the team had in the past noticed the sounds of construction and assembly coming from the door, they had always assumed it was just part of some routine maintenance. When I press this button, the rubber rings will swell up, holding it in place. Matt then puled a bottle of some kind of gel from the table while the other guy started to grasp Haden's cock and balls making Haden go wiled. Unsubscribe at any time.

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One used a cattle prod to keep us moving.

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When Haden arrived to the party fashionably late, he walked in scooping out all the babes with his friends. Matt then put his hand on his chest and started to comfort him repeating that it was alright and that it was going to be fine he wasn't going to Hurt him. The room was the size of average bedroom, lit and painted like the rest of the locker room.

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Haden started to scream through his gag making the to men giggle.

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