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Only one of the two members of Pet Shop Boys has said they are gay. I don't know shit but in a previous album he states "god is gay" stay away, nevermind "What else can I say? Wow, I haven't thought about The Murmurs in a really, really, long time. Lucindia is a "friend of a friend" - definitely not gay. And the playboy centerfold leaves me cold And that aint cause Im a fag Seems pretty official to me: General Comment This song is a song that should mean whatever you want it to mean.

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Wasn't their lesbianism just a marketing gimmick?

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One of the three members of Sapphire, The Uppity Blues Women, is a lesbian and, they are just awesome, anyway. His high school friends were female--this dude loved women! Oops, should have previewed. Married and feeling utterly trapped. I think she self defines as "omnisexual. Flag muddywater on December 22, This is one of those times.

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what else could i say everyone is gay
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Flag mmp on July 08, He is wishing that he could be as easily satisfied with assigning blame and dodging responsibility. A couple of weird ones, Not completely verified, but it's pretty well-known that Darby Crash of the Germs was gay. Cobain had a gay best friend, his only male friend during his childhood and his homophobic mother took that away. His mother was a homophobic lady possibly, much like you! Maybe that's what comes to us all? Everyone is fake happy, but not as different as they think they are.

what else could i say everyone is gay
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