Teachers and gays

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No American citizen should be discriminated by their preference in a mate! In Justice William Brennan wrote a dissent that remains one of the most critical gay rights statements yet issued by a Supreme Court justice. Let's underline sexual, shall we? You don't realize that you are taking away their innocence, and slowly twisting it into something that is not right. There is never a situation in class or anywhere relating to school where a teacher's personal life should be discussed in detail.

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Soon, children as young as 9 will be taken by Childcare Services, from "abusive" parents who won't agree with "gender reassignment".

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'Your entire career can be derailed': For gay teachers, coming out remains risky

Between and the state legislative committee actively pursued gay and lesbian schoolteachers and professors, subjected them to interrogation without regard for due process, fired them from teaching positions, and revoked their professional credentials. You don't realize that you are taking away their innocence, and slowly twisting it into something that is not right. Should teachers be fired for being gay? If your gay go and get your head checked out. The teacher's merit is based on ability to teach, demonstrate appropriate behavior in front of students, and inspire success. No one really does, the more these people whine, the more others take notice how messed up the are!

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teachers and gays
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Its in the constitution! There's also the first amendment which is freedom of expression! Until the s, teacher organizations did not support colleagues who transgressed social norms and, thus, teachers were easy targets for state suppression of gay and lesbian people. The Oklahoma Legislature passed a similar bill, however. Its cruel to stop people from living their lives just based on who they like, and it bugs me that that could even be an option. Since teachers who challenged the standards of normative behavior imposed upon them often lost their jobs as a result, the workforce was depleted of its most radical members. Ever wonder, just look at the parades when they feel they need to advertise.

teachers and gays
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