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I remember going to one with writers from "SNL. Maybe I will now. You have to be very open. You kind of go, 'Where's the boys at? Kill Your Darlings is in theaters now.

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Why is it funnier when we know that both parties involved are outside of their comfort zone?

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Jason Segel Kissing Paul Rudd on SNL

Yet time and again we continue to be the brunt of the joke. Post it then, R OK, that made me a little hard So, what you're saying is you already knew how to sissy that walk. Boiled down to its root, the joke is that two men are kissing. The clip has over 10 million YouTube views and counting.

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paul rudd gay kiss on snl
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A journalist from another gay magazine said something that I liked - that I didn't try to iron out his gayness. Laughs You're such a dad. Things like that - actual feelings of like, "What a great guy, he's so nice" - play into it. Usually his note was, "You can go a little further with it. Why on earth did they cut a makeout scene between Bill and Ty?!

paul rudd gay kiss on snl
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