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Other Finding Aids No additional finding aids. Conditions Governing Access Open. He is the author of a book on prostitution regulation and is working on a book about gay bars. When asked if it was a business necessity to be straight friendly, Keith disagreed, explaining that what he and Martin wanted, and what a small city gay bar can be, were one and the same: The most important source for the book is the History Project, the archives of LGBTQ people of Boston, is one of the most important keepers of history in the country.

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That became one of the motivations for us to open a place.

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It was incorporated in as a limited company under the name of the Hall-Carpenter Memorial Archive Ltd, forming the basis for the Hall-Carpenter Archives. Used with permission of Belt Publishing. If you find yourself in a small city with a gay bar, drop in. Medical technology exec and Wayland parent programs the future of healthcare. Though many men were executed for sodomy in England and in other colonies, none were executed in Boston.

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We have Uber now, that happened like a month ago, so we have a few more people coming in here. Early dismissal at 1: Gay Monitoring and Archive project. We have the second oldest gay pride in the country, it started a year after Stonewall, because a group of lesbians marched that next year with the university… Iowa City is very unique for the Midwest in this area, at least. That became one of the motivations for us to open a place.

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