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Billy Binion 6. Search for: While some of the few out gay employees and their strongest straight allies worked in the spring of the year to find a way to keep Clinton from supporting DOMA, the internal conversation surrounding the bill mostly concerned when Clinton would announce his support. By Lucy Diavolo. Sanders didn't justify his opposition to marriage equality—back in —on the same grounds Clinton did. If elected, Clinton would support federal legislation to ban all discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation, according to her campaign website.

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The next week, Scott was continuing to deal with fallout, noting in an email to Enright that some of the most prominent donors and establishment advocates of the day within the gay community — Jeff Soref, Jim Hormel, Sky Johnson, Keith Boykin, Elizabeth Birch, Hilary Rosen, and Dr.

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Meanwhile, Scott and Richard Socarides, who was in the process of taking over from Scott as gay and lesbian liaison, were trying to come up with ways for Clinton to take a position against the bill. I believe that marriage is not just a bond, but a sacred bond between a man and a woman. Donald Trump is to the left of many Republicans on LGBTQ rights, but that doesn't necessarily make him an ally of the gay or transgender communities. As the Justice Department letter was being finalized and sent to the Hill, a new set of White House talking points emerged after some internal debate — and after approval by Clinton.

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She is insisting, in defiance of all evidence, that the passage of DOMA was to protect gay people from something even worse.

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