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It uses a feminist framework to incorporate the issues of advertising as gendered text and consumer responses as gendered readings into consumer research. Leyendecker's Gillette Advertising Images. You are placing too much emphasis on equating image with sexuality. Honestly, how much dick do you suck every week? Sophovot on August 10,

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Declining Gayborhood or Homonormative Playground in the Making:

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Sep Psychol Market. Homophobia is gay, to quote Dan Savage. I hope someday you find God. We recommend further studies to understand the underlying mechanisms for these findings and investments in research and policy to communicate anti-smoking messages more effectively to SGM populations. Findings indicate that additional segmentation of this consumer group may be required to account for its inherent heterogeneity, and practitioners should be cautious of their overuse of gay male imagery as it can alienate lesbian consumers who do not identify with the depicted gender or the explicit sexual nature of the ad Oakenfull,

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How may marketers target gays and lesbians in mainstream media without alienating heterosexual consumers? My original comment is verified with every comment you make. Leyendecker and the homoerotic invention of men's fashion icons. Visibility issues and politics have become important to gay communities in the U. Today, a broad range of gay male images—both positive and negative—appear in print and video advertisements. By constructing the gay market in a particular way, advertisers shrink the identity models available for individuals grappling with whether to self-categorize themselves as gay.

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