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I could barely breathe and the heat was making it worse. Our hairy balls slap together and our wet cockheads rub hard. I loved dildos but I wanted the real thing. His face was beet red as he looked up helplessly at my bulging cock. We went to the lockerroom and stripped naked and began the process of scrubbing each other down before we set foot in any of the pools of hot mineral water.

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He tried to get some leverage and let out a massive grunt as he heaved the big man up off his feet.

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Gay wrestling stories

I am sure other wrestlers could tell I was hard, but I don't think anyone could tell from the stands. Big white globs of fresh spunk clung to his black spikey hair. He straddled my leg, and i could feel his cock pressing against my knee. I got up and looked down at my big defeated opponent. I helped him massage his thighs after he crawled off the mat. This is a fictional story on how I became a prison officer working at a prison and the sexual encounters I enjoyed along the way He was good, but I knew i could get him if i just concentrated.

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gay grappling stories
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I knew he had a lot of experience, but there was no way an old dude like this was going to beat me. During my senior year, I decided to stop dating women. Nick reached up with his free arm and grabbed my should to keep from getting pinned. A heart warming tale of a young boy who finds himself in a lot of trouble and needs a hero to "cum" and save him! There was lots of back slapping and male bonding.

gay grappling stories
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