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I really pressed myself to write no more than "2 literotica pages". View Notices Post Notice. I told him my husband had only done it once and lost but we wanted to try it again. We talked for about 5 minutes and I had to excuse myself to use the restroom, I had to pee so bad I couldnt wait any longer. A perfect portrayl of a mutual matced battle against a worthy opponent for a just cause.

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Now I want to find more of this and perhaps even see this in action on a video or for real.

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I'm grateful for those memories, and thank you for telling your story well, with vibrant descriptions, even though it goes farther than I would. Sam was still there sipping his drink and talking with another man who was standing at our booth. The way that it's strictly non-homosexual but rather a test of manhood versus manhood. Sam made the first move, he stepped closer until their cocks were touching, Sams was above Daves. Not a YouPorn member yet? You have a new user avatar waiting for moderation. There they stood facing each other, their cocks pointing directly at each other.

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I just love watching two men fight it out cock on cock until one of them cant go on or is forced to cum, the winner gets to screw my brains out and by that time i'm so hot my pussy is literally dripping. I noticed not long into this contest that Sams cock was pushing Daves down everytime he flexed it. Not bad It was good, fun, but maybe a little long on the cock fighting. This would have been better if there was a longer part with Jack watching Sally fuck the narrator. Dave then sat up and I told him I found another challenger honey, Sam then moved closer to the bed and began to flex his cock again. Now that would be exciting! I decided to go Friday night expecting the crowd to be larger on that night.

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