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He was near enough that I could see every detail of him, what he was wearing--the same tight jeans, and a blue checked work shirt today, open to the waist. Sure, but let me go right after you do. As horny as I was, I didn't want to be that obvious. Men always seem to be the one that had to tell his woman how beautiful they were, so why not tell a guy how handsome he was? Getting to know my Dentist I feel his crotch pressing up against my elbow as my dentist works in my mouth.

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He pushes him down on the bed and proceeds to undo his pants.

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The Construction Worker and the Teenager

My name's Rob, by the way. The sight of his full erection was overwhelming but I was determined that I would never have an opportunity like this again. He was a sexy dude. As I wake I feel the aching of my cock pressed into the sheet under my stomach, vying for as much attention as the insistent pressure in my bladder. I hoped the new guy wasn't just a sub on the crew. Soon there was a knock at the door.

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gay construction stories
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He is a horny son of a bitch. Don't know what got into me, but I thought I'd show off a little, I guess--I'm actually kind of shy, believe it or not. Then there was some low talking conversation before they both entered the room. Some days he left early and some days he worked late. The waiter did as he was told but hesitated at the door. The bunch on this project seemed ragged and overweight, not to mention noisy and not particularly friendly.

gay construction stories
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