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I came in what felt like buckets. Miller just did that guy Andrew in class. My dick and balls bounced and rubbed against his ass or the small of his back, and several times I had to lift myself up away from him to avoid cumming. Our kiss grew deeper and wetter, and I thought I might lose it then and there. He was sitting on his bed reading when I said his trance cue. My dick was instantly at full attention.

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My mouth was filled with the salty, musky taste of his pre-cum.

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Nothing, no other fantasy, no woman, no other man can possibly create the same level of desire in you. This was much too good to be a one-time shot. He literally appeared to sink into his mattress as his limbs and torso grew slacker and slacker. Remain at this level. I was just about to take control again, when, to my delight, he threw down his book.

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First, I needed to make a small test. At least, I think it's a gift. Soon his face and chest were flushed with effort and arousal, and he was grunting softly with lust. Paul may have been a walking wet dream, but he was the roommate from hell! To help with the studying? He spat into his palm and then began to work his slickened hand up and down the shaft of his cock. After a while, at my command Paul turned over to allow me to work on his front.

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