Best cities for gay retirees

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According to a poll, most Ohioans think it's already illegal to fire or deny housing to someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, but the bill Ohio Fairness Act extending protections against discriminatory practices based on sexual orientation and gender identity has yet to be passed. Retirement can be an exciting time for seniors to explore the opportunity to dwell in a new vibrant city or a sleepy suburb of their choice. Virginia and the Carolina's have way more klansmen than you realize. It's just a 3 hour flight to LA, so easy to get to the US. The truth is that the state has always been as socially conservative as its Southern neighbors, just not as aggressive.

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Best of all, when budgeted correctly, most queer residents in these gay cities can quickly hop on a plane and visit any of the above with the click of their heels.

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The 20 Best Cities To Retire In If You Are LGBTQ

If you're considering relocating, consider that California has mega taxes and high cost of living and lots of regulation. Wilton Manors is the gay epicenter of Broward County. For those who've mentioned Charleston, SC, it's surprisingly expensive to live on the Peninsula, which is the part with the walkability and historic charm. There are a lot of Facebook groups for gays in Belize. Very right wing in many places, seriously questionable healthcare, horrid heat for 8 months a year, I cant even explain how much I hated it. In fact, gay marriage ceremonies are legal.

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best cities for gay retirees
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Your Information is Processing. But I'd like to still work part time while I'm still in my 60s. I mean it's great that you have enough that you can stop working, but why would you want to live in an area with lots of 70 and 80 year olds? The city considered the most open is Manuel Antonio with a multitude of tours, bars, etc. R17 - I would have to agree about Puerto Vallarta, I'm in my early 40's and I'm starting to think about retirement and where I would go. But other than that, it is a charming city, full of old world reminders of its slavery past.

best cities for gay retirees
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